Protect the Waters! Join the resistance to Kinder Morgan’s plans to cross Surrey!

We acknowledge that we are on unceded Kwantlen, Katzie and Semiahmoo territories.

Over the past few years, KPIRG has had a “PIPE UP” action group (affiliated with the PIPE UP Network), and has seen students, faculty & community members speaking out, concerned with fossil fuel divestment and with the associated risks and dangers of diluted bitumen pipelines and tankers crossing through these lands and waters.

Here’s the proposed current route as it crosses through Surrey:

Map based on data provided through the Wilderness Committee’s research

In 2015, KPIRG was a member of a coalition urging Kwantlen Polytechnic University NOT to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” which would have seen KPU take a $300,000 bribe grants program (over 20 years) which the KinderMorgan TransMountain corporation was trying to offer under the banner of “ecological sustainable development.”    After much pressure, the University acknowledged the strong leadership of the Kwantlen First Nation who has stood adamantly opposed to the pipeline (even since it was forced through their territory in 1952 without their consent), and finally, the administration dropped the Memorandum of Understanding with KM.

The City of Surrey flip-flopped the opposite way.  Here’s the link to the National Energy Board documents regarding the official City of Surrey’s position on the pipeline.  (They had previously hired lawyers (twice in 2017) to oppose the pipeline on the basis of waiting for a “detailed public hearing”, but are now supporting, having reached some sort of deal with KM, they withdrew their statement of opposition in March of 2018.  We’re still trying to figure out why.* (See note* below.)

KPIRG has instead chosen to side with the Kwantlen First Nation who are currently digging in for the fight, saying they’ll do “whatever it takes.”   We invite you to learn more about this situation here:

Then, Stand With Kwantlen and support their efforts to build a Healing Lodge (construction begins this summer)!

See also: Water Watch Mission-Abbotsford


See also the updated Summary Risk Assessment of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion via the SECWEPEMCUL’ECW ASSEMBLY

* Here’s the results of a request to the City for information regarding this decision to cancel detailed route hearings for the Surrey public: FOI 18-0098 – Reference Pages 1 to 11



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