Disability History and Culture 101 Workshop with Q


KPIRG is excited to host disability justice activist and artist Q for an exciting workshop! Join us as we learn more about erased histories of disability activism and culture!

WHEN: JUNE 5th, 5-7 PM

“504 sit-in; Capitol Crawl; Aktion T4; ADAPT; ASAN; Mia Mingus; Wheelchair Sports Camp; identity- vs. person-first language; disability pride; Alice Wong; #CriptheVote; disability, sexuality, & gender; healthcare; asylums; euthanasia & eugenics; Woodland Memorial Gardens; Shanidar Cave; access intimacy; disability day of mourning.

Disabled people have been involved in communities, activism, and arts since before written history began. Despite this, modern politics endorse and encourage eugenics and euthanasia in various forms internationally. In this workshop, learn about the history of disabled people around the world, and activists and artists working and creating change today.

There is no wrong place to start – no knowledge of disability or ableism is necessary for this workshop.”

*This room is wheelchair accessible space. It is on the 2nd floor – the elevator is to your right, beside the bookstore. If you have any requests for accommodation or assistance, please let us know!* (Exact measurements & washroom access details below)

There will be an ASL Interpreter present.

There will be snacks available! (Write us & make suggestions!)

We acknowledge that we are conducting this working on the unceded territories of the Kwantlen, Katzie & Semiahmoo Nations.

*Birch Building Accessibility Info
(thanks to Simon Massey for the comprehensive compilation of these measurements…)

Front Door:
– The front entrance to the Birch building is a double door with push buttons to open the door both entering and exiting
– The buttons only open one of the doors , the clearance at the narrowest point with one door open is 32 Inches.
– The clearance with both doors open (which would require the assistance of another person) is 63 Inches
– There is a 0.25 inch lip when entering the front door

– The elevator in the main lobby of the Birch Building (right by the front door)
– The entrance to the elevator is 41.5 inches wide on all floors
– The inside of the elevator is 55 inches deep and 75.5 inches wide

Birch 250 Room:
– The door to birch 250 is a double door
– With one door open the clearance is 33.25 inches
-With both doors open the clearance is 67 inches
– The whole room is level and we do not have a stage
– There is no lip on the door

– There is a single, non gendered washroom with a “mobility accessible” sign attached to it, located on the 2nd floor.
– The washroom has push buttons to open on both the inside and outside and the inside, as well as a push button to lock/unlock on the inside
– There is no lip on the washroom door
– Because of the positioning of the sink the clearance when entering the washroom is 32 inches
– The area past the opening closing arc of the door would be 52.5 inches by 49.25 inches, but the toilet is in the corner
– the smallest clearance between the toilet and the wall is 28 inches
– the smallest clearance between the toilet and the sink is 27.5 inches.
– Here’s a picture of the washroom:

Birch Bathroom Access
Measurements for accessibility of Birch Building washroom at KPU


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