Front Lines Beat Pipelines!



Oct 17 – 7pm – Fir 128 – KPU Surrey- 12666 72 Ave.
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With a traditional welcome & opening by LEKEYTEN, of the Kwantlen Nation, (currently our KPU Elder-in-Residence),
joined by LEN PIERRE, a respected member of the Katzie Nation who we are excited to welcome as the new director of the campus Indigenous Gathering Place.

We also look forward to hearing updates from Lekeyten on the work of the Stand with Kwantlen team and how we can support their resurgence efforts and stand against the TransMountain pipeline expansion through their territory.

Welcoming them,
& joining the discussion…

KWITSEL TATEL, a strongly outspoken Coast Salish matriarch, she was an organizer of the recent CAMP CLOUD Kinder Morgan Surveillance Post on so-called Burnaby Mountain, and she continues to assert her sovereignty rights, and to raise her voice for the protection of the water, and in particular against the proposed pipeline expansion as it cuts through these lands. She will remind us of local historic frontlines & camps, particularly those at Ulluilsc (A Voice for the Voiceless Camp); the bold action of the Secwepemc stand with the Tiny House Warriors; and of course Unist’ot’en Camp.
She is also a member of Canadian Women in Cannabis, and on this OCTOBER 17 day will address the call for HEMP LANDS NOT TAR SANDS.


BILLIE PIERRE, of the Nlaka’Pamux nation, around Merritt, has been a long-time independent media contributor and community organizer, who will be speaking on the current pipeline encroachments on her traditional lands, and how her community is coming together to resist these threats. Please support & share information from Nlaka’Pamux Grassroots &

–=-=- WED. OCTOBER 17th -=-=- 7pm – 9pm -=- in FIR 128 -=-=
at KPU Surrey campus (by the pond) 12666 72 Ave.

Here in Surrey we’re on the south shores of the mighty Fraser River, land that has fed (and been stewarded by) the Coast Salish peoples for thousands of years. Through a brutal colonization process, (including the “gold rush”, small pox epidemics & residential schools), the land has been changed & developers continue to displace poorer residents today, but throughout, the Original Peoples here have never ceded their sovereignty. We recognize (and proclaim!) that these are still the shared, traditional territories of the Kwantlen, Katzie and Semiahmoo nations, and our hands are up to them in respect and solidarity in the struggle to protect these lands and waters, to preserve their language, culture and ways of living, right down to the sacred & wild salmon that swim through here.

From it’s beginning in 2013, KPIRG has placed indigenous solidarity as central in our context of public interest research, and so we are glad to be able to host this event at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in co-operation with the Crimininology 4245: INDIGENOUS ACTIVISM class this semester (with instructor Jeff Shantz.)

Lekeyten, Len Pierre, Kwitsel Tatel & Billie Pierre are each wonderful, inspiring educators & community organizers, and together they have many decades of experience as writers, thinkers, parents and agitators for a better future for the seven generations. Thus, in our capacity, we are honoured to have these brilliant minds come together for an evening of discussion that situates these action reports from the front lines in the proper political, legal and historical context of these lands as sovereign, unceded territories. (Here in Surrey, these are the shared traditional lands of the Kwantlen, Katzie and Semiahmoo nations.)

THIS IS A FREE & OPEN EVENT, ALL WELCOME. Wheelchair accessible doors and nearby washrooms.

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