The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group (KPIRG) is a student-funded and student-directed resource centre dedicated to social and environmental justice.

PIRG’s were established across North American campuses in the 1970’s and 80’s as a way for students to advocate for social change. KPIRG was set-up by students on KPU’s Surrey campus in 2013! KPIRG has begun to do loads of amazing work and aims to positively impact the lives of students and the wider community.

Our mission is to engage and represent the interests of KPU students in social and environmental justice. Areas of work and interest include education, action, research and community. We are non-partisan, which means we are not allied with any particular political party. KPIRG brings together a diverse range of people and our work is all centred on a shared set of values. This includes a commitment to anti-oppression, decolonization and indigenous sovereignty; collective and collaborative working methods; space for continual learning and growth; self-representation and self-determination; an inclusive and safe space to build community on campus; mentorship, health and sustainability; accountability to our membership, our communities and ourselves; self-reflectivity and continual learning and growth.

We are a registered society with our own constitution and bylaws. We are governed by a student-lead board of directors and we use consensus decision-making as the basis for our work. We have a team of  unionized staff who carry out the work of the organization. KPIRG aims to be a certified Living Wage employer. We are independent from both the University and the Kwantlen Student Association.

KPIRG is funded through student fees – we receive $0.80 per credit from every enrolled student at KPU. Therefore, after paying their student fees, all students are members of KPIRG and can use the resources available through our centre. Non-students can also become associate members of KPIRG and get involved with us. We realize that not everyone believes in the goals of KPIRG so we do offer students the ability to revoke their membership. We offer a fee refund period at the beginning of every semester, within the first thirty days.

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KPIRG Constitution and Bylaws (Click Here)

KPIRG Policy and Procedures Manual (December 2016) (Click Here)

KPIRG Annual Report (2016/17) (Click Here)

KPIRG Audited Financial Statements 2016 (Click Here)

KPIRG Auditor Management Representation Letter 2017 (Click Here)

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