Board of Directors

KPIRG is governed by a volunteer board of directors. They are elected annually and they help to govern the direction, vision and growth of the organization. They take part in strategic planning, attend regular meetings, participate in KPIRG’s Committees (including Policy, Finance, Anti-Oppression, HR/Hiring Committee, and any other ad-hoc committee that may arise), and are generally active in the organization’s work.

To contact the board directly, please email This year’s elected board of directors began their term in April 2017 and they will retire Spring 2018, when KPIRG will hold its next election and Annual General Meeting.

If you’re interested in joining the board (at any time, we currently have seats vacant) or if you have any questions, please feel free to drop by KPIRG and speak to a member of staff or email the board at


Board of Directors

VACANT –  Director of Finance
VACANT –  Director at Large 1
VACANT – Director: Board Organizer

as of March 2018…

Simon Massey – Director at Large 2


Jagdeep Mangat


Raqiya Khan

Elected at our Annual General Meeting, to begin their terms

as of April 1, 2018…

Jagdeep Mangat, Simon Massey and Yasmin Ullah




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