We value:

Inclusive space to build community on campus; therefore we seek to support a diverse range of students in their organizing and activism towards social and environmental justice.

Anti-oppression; therefore, we acknowledge that systems of oppression exist, are interconnected and must be challenged on multiple fronts through a diversity of actions.

Body sovereignty and diversity, therefore we resist all forms of violence against all beings and all bodies. We support reproductive justice, gender diversity, migrant justice, sexual diversity and (non-human) animal rights. We encourage a critical approach to mainstream ideas around: mental & physical health; dis/ability; beauty; poverty, class & capitalism; racialization; nationalism, citizenship & statehood; sex work; prisons & punitive justice.

Indigenous sovereignty and the process of decolonization globally. We acknowledge that KPIRG is on unceded Indigenous land, in the South Fraser Region, belonging to the Coast Salish peoples. Based on our current knowledge, this includes the shared traditional territories of the Kwantlen, Musqueam, Katzie, Stó:lō, Semiahmoo, and Tsawwassen First Nations. We believe that all people living in Canada are distorted by colonialism on an ongoing basis as it affects our identities, relationships, experiences and perceptions. Therefore, settlers also need to engage in a process of decolonization in order to transform relations with themselves, each other, Indigenous people, the land and the state.

Self-representation and self-determination; therefore, we value individuals and communities working and speaking from their own experience.

Skills-sharing, therefore we are committed to mentorship, mutual feedback and empowering student and community leadership.

Continual learning and growth; therefore, we strive to be patient, self-reflective, compassionate, and have an ongoing commitment to the learning process.

Integrity, wholeness and healing; therefore we strive to hold space where people can be their whole selves, find support and act to bring their values & day-to-day lives into greater alignment.

Collective and collaborative working methods; therefore we encourage a diversity of ideas and approaches.

Accountability to our membership, our communities and ourselves; therefore we strive to be transparent and commit to building on past collective knowledge.

Sustainability; therefore we strive to live in harmony with our environment and minimize our ecological footprint.  This includes supporting sustainable food systems; biodiversity; and free access to clean water.

Respectful communication; therefore we commit to engaging in open and respectful dialogue with anyone who is willing to do the same.

We invite everyone to come and talk with us about these values and to work with us in translating them into action.

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