Dis/Orientation 2016 [DISO DAYS]


The two week Dis/Orientation series consists of workshops, discussions, and events where students and members of the community can position themselves as anti-oppressive and environmentally sustainable participants. It is also meant to re-center the narratives on suppressed voices and empower marginalized groups.

Check out our awesome events!

Main DISO DAYS page
We are at Kwantlen
Anti-Pipeline & Just Eats
A Future Without Waste
Fast Fashion
Tai Chi and Chai Tea
Housing Crisis
Women’s Liberation


We also have some great contests planned, get your cameras ready!

If you would like to volunteer for the Dis/Orientation committee, please email dis.o@kpirg.ca. Some tasks include:

  • Event budgeting.
  • Event promotion & outreach.
  • Marketing (design) and communications.
  • Networking with local companies/organizations, and of course, fellow KPU students.
  • Planning/organizing

We provide volunteers with great incentives and, most importantly, a unique non-profit experience for students to enhance their university experience. For all other volunteer inquiries, please email volunteer@kpirg.ca .

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