Disability Action Movement Now (D.A.M.N.)
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– Do you identify as a person with disabilities?

– Have your accessibility needs ever been denied on campus?

– Need an avenue for change and a place to raise your voice?

Share you story, meet other students, and check out your  KPU-based, student-run action group, Disability Action Movement Now, D.A.M.N.!

D.A.M.N.! is KPU-based, student-run action group that was founded in June 2015 by several students with disabilities who sought an outlet for positive change on campus for students of all abilities. With the support of the President’s Diversity & Equity Committee (PDEC), KPU faculty, KPIRG, and the KSA via the Student Rights Centre and Disability constituency representative, D.A.M.N.! aims to raise consciousness among all KPU students regarding the barriers to the access faced by persons with disabilities on campus.

D.A.M.N.! is also pushing KPU to expand, improve, and guarantee services to persons with disabilities. Like similar student groups across Canada, such as Students United for Disability Support, or SUDS, an SFSS constituency group, D.A.M.N.! is part of a broader movement with local urgency and glaring relevance. And we are growing. We are issuing a call-out to all budding student researchers who wish to participate in our current research project centred on accessibility on campus. Through our collaborative research report, we will be crafting a policy proposal that we will be submitting to PDEC. This is your opportunity or sociopolitical action. Why are we mobilizing? Because we give a DAMN!

Contact us at damn@kpirg.ca

Main Goal(s):
– D.A.M.N. builds campaigns around disability issues — poverty, immigration, racism, homophobia, transphobia, incarceration, institutionalization, etc.

– D.A.M.N. is currently organizing campaigns against policy dysfunction at KPU. KPU is not supporting the learning experience of disabled students at KPU.

– D.A.M.N. is demanding free and accessible services for accessing the service provided by KPU.

– D.A.M.N. critically analyzes all institutions — including academic institutions — and examines how they actively limit accessibility by instituting economic barriers, physical barriers, and social isolation.

– D.A.M.N. challenges how activism itself can be inaccessible.

– D.A.M.N. questions how certain bodies get criminalized, marked as hyper-visible or invisible, while always claiming our political agency and autonomy, and accessing our collective empowerment.

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