Volunteer with KPIRG

Volunteers are a valuable resource for our organization and staff. By volunteering, you will not only help your fellow KPU students, but also strengthen our workplace and promote community involvement through educational and action-oriented means.

Volunteering with KPIRG includes, but is not limited:

  • General support on an as-needed basis, e.g. topical research, tabling at events, button-making.
  • Joining or creating an action group (click here for more info on action groups).
  • Joining a KPIRG Committee, where you participate in internal, collaborative decision-making.
  • Having a specific volunteer job within KPIRG, e.g. office administrator, critical contributor.
  • Having a specific volunteer job with external organizations that KPIRG supports.

Check some of the opportunities below. P.S.: there are also several events and activities that could use your help. All these are listed in the sign-up form below.

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

You may sign up below. Be sure to check out the volunteer opportunities in the form while you sign up.

*If the form on this page is not working please click on this link: volunteer form. If you’re still having issues with the form, let us know.

Download the Volunteer Manual (pdf) here.

If you are under 18 years old, download the Parent/Guardian Consent Form here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Policy Committee
Interested in governance and policy-making for a 20,000-person non-profit? Wanna put in practice what you’ve learned in the classroom? Sound Policy is a cornerstone of every successful non-profit.  The skills that you’ll be sharpening with us will transfer to myriad situations and settings. These meetings are open to all KPU students and broader public. Your KPIRG directors, staff, and volunteers want to meet you! Just come on in. No need to RSVP

Contact board@kpirg.ca for more info


Community Committee
Keen on getting out there in your community? Eager to make organizational connections with amazing community groups ? This committee is the “P” in KPIRG. We link our struggles on campus with those in the broader public, or community. Join or just sit in on our committee. We need your fire, passion, and vision. These meetings are open to all KPU students and broader public. Your directors, staff, and volunteers want to meet you! Just come on in. No need to RSVP

Contact community@kpirg.ca for more info


Campus Life Committee
Love hitting up the campus, chatting with students, public-speaking, and apathy-busting events? Then, you’re our dream-come-true. We loathe apathy as much as you do and wish to transform, from the bottom-up, that pesky “Car-Classroom-Car” (CCC) culture on campus. We love student mobilizing as much as alliteration, so embrace that pep in your step and join us in getting your fellow students jazzed by all the cool stuff that we are planning up for the new year. Be the student organizer-mobilzer extraordinaire. Credentials? Just an open ‘tude, some vision, and creativity

Contact campus.life@kpirg.ca for more info


Anti-Oppression Committee
Smashing the patriarchy, structural racism, neoliberalism and wealth inequality. And much, much more. That’s what we’re about. From Women’s Liberation and revolutionary feminism to working-class consciousness-rasing and organizing, to bringing to the fore First Nations’ struggles against colonialism and people’s (local and global) struggles against Imperialism, our committee starts at home. We share our experiences with all intersecting forms of oppression, collectivize the process, build an analysis, and organize ourselves and others to tackle real issues on campus and beyond. This committee ensures that KPIRG keeps at its core an emancipatory analysis rooted in social justice and that this is reflected in the work that KPIRG does. These meetings are open to all KPU students and broader public. Your KPIRG directors, staff, and volunteers want to meet you! Just come on in. No need to RSVP

Contact anti.oppression@kpirg.ca for more info


Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is a forum for students, members of council, and the Director of Finance to ensure responsible stewardship of the KPIRG’s resource, and to discuss and vet ideas for the financial policies and procedures of the KPIRG, and to provide recommendations to KPIRG’s board of directors. The Finance committee also monitors and provides feedback on the performance of the Director of Finance. Meetings of the Finance Committee are open to all students, and you (as a member!) have the right to attend to speak up and let committee members know what you think about the KPIRG’s financial policies, procedures, and the stewardship of KPIRG fees.

Contact finance@kpirg.ca for more info

Thank you!


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